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How We Serve You

At Fortune 360 Group, our mission is to help you identify appropriate financial goals and develop a strategy aligned with your needs and situation. We understand that each client’s needs and goals are unique and, as a result, we are committed to creating comprehensive investment and financial strategies that fit your circumstances and can grow with you over the years.

We are focused on utilizing a consistent and proactive approach:


Understanding you and your needs is the first and most important part of the process. We take the time to learn about you, your needs, your concerns, and your goals. We also analyze the financial elements of your life or business, from tax returns to monthly bills. By organizing your goals by timeframe and priority, we can start to understand how your goals fit into your life’s greater financial picture.


Once we understand your goals and needs, we look at potential opportunities for you to pursue your goals. We share illustrations of various scenarios and demonstrate the impact of particular decisions you may make.


Once we have shared your multiple opportunities and possible scenarios, we recommend specific options and strategies, depending on everything we have learned about you or your business. You will then have the chance to deliberate and ultimately make a decision on how you want to proceed.


This is when your vision turns into a tangible plan. We implement your strategies and ensure that each element of your plan is consistent with your goals and needs.


Financial planning, be it for businesses or families, is an ongoing process. An important part of our service is monitoring your portfolio and plan, and staying on top of changing market conditions, client goals, tax considerations, and other factors. As life changes, we keep your assets in alignment with your goals through periodic client authorized rebalancing. This is designed to remove the emotion from a sound investment strategy, and to ensure that your plan continually supports the way you want to live or run your business.