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Employee Benefits

In today's environment, employers must have enhanced value and cost-efficiency from their employee benefits program. Navigating the ever-changing environment of employee benefits has become difficult for many employers. At Fortune 360 Group, we strive to help you maximize benefits by analyzing claim data and benchmarking while minimizing costs, reducing administrative burdens, improving employee productivity, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


On-going & long-range welfare planning
Utilization & claims review
Plan design recommendations
Funding review & evaluation
Benchmarking analysis
Premium negotiations
Plan design & wellness integration


Expert legal counsel through partnerships
HR policies, procedures & practices
Webinars – live & recorded
Compliance guide & checklist


Online employees benefits portals
Total compensation statements
Interactive online benefits
Benefit onboarding videos
Employee healthcare advocate


“Play or Pay” Calculator
MLR rebate distribution models
Employee notifications
Government reporting assistance


HRIS, Payroll & benefits administration
Employment best practices
HR outsourcing & project-based work
Compliance guides & alerts


Certificate delivery
Policy Management
Claims assistance
Annual program review
Competitive RFP process

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Employee Group Benefit Programs

Fortune 360 Group assists clients in the selection, customization, purchase, and management of the following employee group benefit programs:

  • Business Travel Accident
  • Cafeteria/Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Key Man Life Insurance
  • Group Health Plans
  • Group Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Individual Life, Disability and LTC
  • Limited Medical and Catastrophic Plans
  • Long-Term & Short-Term Disability
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Self-Funded Programs
  • Vision Plans
  • Voluntary & Supplemental Benefits
  • Wellness Programs
  • 401(k), 403(b) Pension Plans

Compliance, Technology, and Employee support

Our employee benefits practice includes account management, compliance consulting, healthcare advocates, benefits technology, and wellness solutions. We provide employee benefits with all of the perks but without all of the added cost. We have no hidden fees or contracts and we are able to operate profitability with just the fees we receive from the providers. Beyond assisting with the build of your group benefits package, we assist with:

Program Assessment & Cost Containment

  • Marketing of plans annually
  • Health Management consulting, planning, and support
  • Administrative cost reviews
  • Industry benchmarking of benefits
  • Premium negotiations
  • Claims review

Compliance Guidance & Support

  • Regulatory updates
  • 5500 filing
  • ACA consulting, resources, and audit of reporting
  • Expert legal counsel through attorney partnerships
  • HR policies, procedures & practices

Employee Communications & Assistance

  • Annual open enrollment for all locations
  • Online employees benefits portals
  • Total compensation statements
  • Interactive online benefits
  • Benefit onboarding videos

HR Support & Technology

  • HRIS, payroll, and benefits administration
  • Employment best practices
  • HR outsourcing and project-based work
  • Compliance guides and alerts 

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