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          Fortune 360 Group was founded with a unique vision in mind: to serve the comprehensive financial needs of businesses, business owners, affluent individuals, families, and executives, all under a single roof. While any business consultant can offer business advice, it can be much more difficult to find professionals you can count on to proactively address all of your financial and business concerns in one place. By offering comprehensive wealth management strategies and business consulting services, we strive to address 360° of your financial picture.
          We are an independently owned firm with support and resources rivaling the largest firms, yet we can offer you personalized attention, customized strategies, and continuous guidance. Without any conflicts of interest, you can feel confident knowing you are receiving objective and unbiased recommendations.
          We understand how overwhelming it can be to face a number of financial decisions on a daily basis. Our goal is to help mitigate financial stress by offering education, objective advice, and a wide array of services tailored to your unique needs. By providing ongoing support and utilizing a proactive approach, we believe you can focus less on your financial challenges and strategies, and more on your passions in life.

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