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Retire Better 401(k) Pooled Employer Plans

Take the next steps towards a successful retirement for your employees today. Provide your members with valuable benefits, drive membership and increase revenue with Pooled Employer Plans.

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Lowering Costs

Pooled Employer Plans offer the opportunity to lower your retirement plan costs by pooling assets into a single plan with other employers, while maintaining the unique features of your own plan. For audited plans, your audit costs will be shared with other employers in the pooled plan lowering the cost of your audit. With a PEP, you will have an investment advisor that is a 3(38) Fiduciary providing you with a high quality, low cost investment line up.

Administrative Advantages 

The PEP mindset is a "we do it for you" plan. From investment monitoring, administering, and reporting, you no longer have to worry about a complex plan set-up, coordinating with vendors, filing Form 5500, employee enrollment, or any of the many complexities of 401(k) plan management. With PEPs, smaller employers who lack administrative resources will have the ability to offer a plan without the large time commitment. A benefit for employers of all sizes;  you will only have to submit payroll and submit a census at year end. PEPs are ideal for those who want to take on less administrative responsibilities. 

Less Liability

Pooled Employer Plans shift many fiduciary responsibilities away from the employer greatly reducing their liability. By participating in a Pooled Employer Plan, you will have service providers that maintain professional standards, always act in the best interests of your participants, meets plan deadlines, and carry out general duties. Lack of administrative resources may have been an obstacle in the past - many businesses don’t have the time, technology or infrastructure to carry out the duties of retirement administration and manage liability - but rest assured that with Fortune 360 Group, we have you covered.

Additional Services

Service matters. The reason you are offering a plan in the first place is for your employees. As their employer, you can help provide them with peace of mind by making a high-quality retirement plan more accessible and easy to afford. PEPs are new to the industry but Fortune 360 Group has decades of experience dealing with retirement plans, multiple employer plans, and employee benefits. We are committed to providing superior service, smart technology, and offering a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We are invested in you and want to help your employees achieve a successful retirement.